We feel best results occur when parents / whānau, students and teachers work together and support one another in a shared endeavour. The key to the success of this relationship is effective communication.

Our open door policy means that Parents / whānau are free at any time to make an appointment to meet with any of our team at a mutually convenient time.

From time to time, in a people oriented activity such as education, there will be concerns.

When these occur, it is important that all parties involved work together to obtain a solution that is mutually acceptable and best for all concerned.

Our team is always happy to answer questions or queries via email or meet with you to discuss your concerns face to face, whenever possible.



Newsletters are published on our website. It is one way of keeping you informed about what has been happening … and what is going on at school. We are happy to put parent notices into our newsletter, depending on the availability of space.

Newsletters can be emailed to parents, if you would prefer this option please email our office placing e-newsletter in the subject line. Please include the name(s) and class(es) of your children in the body of the email.

Other key avenues of communication are: 

Board Minutes & Monthly Reports

These are public documents and are available for you to read at the office.

3 Year Strategic Plan & Policies Folder

This is available for parents to read at the office as well as online in the Information zone of the school website.

Issues, Questions and Concerns

From time to time you will have questions, you may have issues or want to raise concerns with us. We ask that you maintain open communication with your child’s teacher. The class teacher is your first point of contact. It is a matter of courtesy to make an appointment at the office to discuss matters that may take a little longer than a few minutes