School Context

Sacred Heart is an integrated, co-educational Catholic school catering for students from New Entrants to Year 8. The school's special character is reflected in its teaching of Catholic values such as respecting each other and making positive choices. A sense of belonging is fostered through a caring, supportive community and dedicated staff. We are proud of our students achievements and the opportunities we offer such as sporting and cultural experiences and developing a greater understanding of our local community and industries. Recent achievements include students who have won recognition for their public speaking, creative writing, art, mathematics, and both individual and team sporting triumphs. Our focus is on developing students academically, spiritually and physically and we promote the idea of becoming a "Choice Coaster" (a cheerful, helpful, organised, inclusive, caring, engaged learner). New families to the area with a Catholic connection are invited to visit the school for an inspection of our modern facilities. (Reefton website)